What's a vocational degree and why should I get one?

Graduate with a vocational degree and get set to enter the career of your choice.

Graduate with a vocational degree and get set to enter the career of your choice.

Individuals wanting to pursue a career in the hospitality and tourism industries should look at a vocational degree when considering study options. Vocational degrees give students hands-on, practical experience you won't find at many traditional universities where qualifications are based largely on academic theory.

The aim of vocational training is to get students ready to enter the job market in their chosen career immediately, or even while still studying; they team hands-on experience with industry knowledge and theory found in traditional degrees.

Vocational degrees usually include work integration, where a certain length of the training takes place in a real work environment. Students can then put their theoretical study into practice, learning tips and tricks from industry leaders while honing their skills.

This kind of training can also introduce students and graduates to potential employers, whether it's through on-campus services or during work placement. This makes it even easier to find employment once finishing study.

Vocational degrees are usually internationally recognised, and provide graduates with the best possible start to their careers in sectors where practical knowledge and experience is essential. There is a focus on critical and strategic thinking skills, along with management ability, plus all of the practical requirements that employers in these types of industries look for.

Program educators are not only industry-aware, but they generally have a high level of industry experience, so they can pass on real-life learnings and knowledge as well as core subject information.

Reading books and writing essays is one thing, but any employer will tell you that it's real-life experience and skills that will prepare you for the working world. That's why a vocational degree offers participants a competitive edge, blending academic skill with the right level of experience to get a foot up in the hospitality and tourism industries.

William Angliss Institute offers the following vocational degrees:
Bachelor of Culinary Management
Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management
With campuses across the globe, William Angliss Institute qualifications are recognised internationally.