Food festivals: When work and play combine

Food festivals are taking Australia by storm. How can you get involved?

Food festivals are taking Australia by storm. How can you get involved?

There's plenty to love about food festivals, from their gluttonous, indulgent atmosphere through to their fun and fabulous festivities. Not only that, but the hundreds and thousands of foodie events that take place on our shores each year provide a considerable revenue boost to towns, cities and states alike.

In Adelaide alone, festivals generated a whopping $62.5 million in revenue last year, according to a study conducted by Festivals Adelaide. Melbourne's famous Food and Wine Festival generated $13.8 million for the city's economy in 2012, and continues to grow on an annual basis. 

But the real question here is this: How can you get involved in Australia's abundance of food festivals?


There are plenty of hospitality courses you can take to put you in good stead for a career in the food festival industry. All that food and drink needs someone exceptional to serve it – and that someone could be you. Serve up weary punters fresh cups of coffee with a barista course under your belt, or put your beverage serving skills to the test as you churn out expertly made cocktails on demand. Food and wine often go hand in hand, so you can use your wine design skills gained through a Bachelor of Culinary Management to impress festival goers.


If you've got the culinary skills to match your passion for food festivals, you could use your talents to serve up exquisite dishes and tasty treats around the country. The food industry has a huge array of different specialties and careers paths, so whether baking fresh bread is your passion or you're more inclined to carve out the best cuts of meat in the country, there will be a spotlight for your talent at a food festival.

Event management

Put your event management training to good use and stage your own festival. Volunteer your skills at one of the large-scale events to help gain valuable industry experience before going out on your own to host a community festival that will delight your neighbourhood. Perhaps you could be in charge of managing a certain portion of a major festival, such as music, or you could help coordinate the talent. There are a huge range of event management options when it comes to food festivals – the hardest part is deciding which to sink your teeth into.