Food trends to watch in 2015

Coconuts are popping up everywhere, and in 2015 coconut sugar is expected to be a hit.

Coconuts are popping up everywhere, and in 2015 coconut sugar is expected to be a hit.

As the year draws to a close and 2015 starts to peep its head around the corner, it's time for restaurateurs, chefs, hospitality staff and aspiring professionals to start thinking about what's in store for 2015. Whether you're considering a career in the industry or you're well and truly entrenched, take a look at our predictions for the top food trends of the new year.


Texture will be king when it comes to 2015 dining, according to research and analysis group Innova Market Insights. Look out for products that include different textures in one offering, such as chocolate bars with crispy bits alongside smooth caramel, and extra-crunchy toppings atop your favourite dishes. As texture is a major driver for your taste perception of foods and beverages, it makes sense that producers will be shaking this up and looking for different ways to delight your senses.

Asian with a twist

Western countries everywhere have fallen in love with Asian food, and sushi, sashimi, pad Thai and mee goreng are staples of menus all over Australia. Next year, expect to see more Asian food than ever, with updated Thai dishes and Filipino meals making their mark. This is one of the top predictions by brand development company Sterling-Rice Group. Rather than the toned-down and Westernised version of Asian food, you'll find true-to-region dishes that have the same spice and flavours as they do in their home regions.

Coconut sugar

Sterling-Rice Group also predicts coconut sugar to make its mark in 2015. Hot on the heels of coconut milk and coconut oil is this sweeter-than-pie treat, which has a lower glycaemic index than white sugar. Whether you're a paleo junkie or simply want a healthier way to sweeten your food, this could be just the ticket.

Plating rules

Meals are increasingly being shared via social media photos, and in 2015 chefs are likely to plate up their meals in a way that makes them photographically appealing. This is according to food research and consulting firm Technomic, which also predicts restaurant lighting may change to accommodate these snapshots.

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