Indulge in a taste of France with a pastry course

Find out how to make authentic French croissants at William Angliss Institute.

Find out how to make authentic French croissants at William Angliss Institute.

Artisanal cooking and baking is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, with consumers seeking out artfully made products crafted with fresh, wholesome ingredients. This is according to the Australian Institute of Food Safety, which describes the trend as being focused on small batches of food created using traditional, time and labour-intensive techniques as opposed to mass production. Think freshly baked crusty bread, homemade preserves and, most deliciously, homemade French pastries bursting with flavour and cooked simply and with love.

So what's behind this drive for handmade, quality French pastries? The recent influx of cooking shows may have something to do with it, according to an IBISWorld report on artisanal bakeries, making the quality and freshness of sweet products ever more valuable to customers. The report also states customers are more willing than ever to look to artisanal bakeries and producers for their tasty treats, cementing the belief that if you're going to do it, you should do it well.

A paper released by the International Specialised Skills Institute entitled 'Artisan baking and the use of regional produce' also comments on this trend, saying the patisserie sector of the Australian food industry has flourished over the past two decades. The local industry has adopted European trends and, according to the paper, it's important workplaces keep up with these trends as Australian demand for them increases. Those already in the baking industry may benefit from brushing up on their patisserie skills, while those looking to enter the hospitality industry should pay close attention to developments in this area.

This is where William Angliss comes in. The Introduction to Traditional French Pastry short course is the perfect springboard to success. The course is perfect for everyone from beginners with some kitchen experience through to seasoned professionals who are looking to add to their skill set. Spread over 12 hours, these small, close-knit classes take you on a French pastry journey that will equip you with the tools to make all your patisserie dreams come true. You'll learn how to produce authentic French pastries, including raspberry, pear and chocolate brioches, mille-feuille and even Danish pastries. Classic croissants are also explored here, and you'll come away knowing how to create the perfect traditional pastries with that light, buttery taste for which French sweets are known. You'll also develop and perfect your puff pastry technique.