The benefits of ongoing training in the workplace

Ongoing training is vital to any successful business.

Ongoing training is vital to any successful business.

Your employees' training shouldn't stop after their induction period, nor should their education cease after school. With William Angliss Institute's industry training programs, your team of workers can develop and expand their skill​ sets to keep up with your growing business demands.

Corporate training can serve to improve an employee's poor performance or enhance their already stellar skills to allow them advance to a new job title. It can be incorporated as part of an ongoing professional development program across your staff, and used to help show employees you care about their skills and how they contribute to your company. If your company is expanding or tackling a new part of the industry, additional training can help to brief your staff on their new responsibilities.

Workplace training and professional development go hand in hand, but while the latter focuses mainly on the benefits to the individual workers, workplace training typically serves to enhance and better the organisation as a whole, as well as give workers new and improved skills. Training can be organisation-specific and can be completed onsite at your business or on campus. 

The Institute's range of training programs include E-learning and blended delivery. Some training takes place in the workplace while other programs incorporate campus facilities. Indigenous Learning Programs are also on offer, as are nationally recognised qualifications and training units in a range of industries. Offer your employees the chance to complete customised short courses or have them undertake full qualifications to help them take the next step in the workplace.

Along with filling your company with more skilled and qualified performers, industry training can boost your employees' job satisfaction and morale, along with their motivation. When they realise you are committed to putting time and money into their ongoing development, they are more likely to want to contribute positively to your company.