The benefits of pursuing higher education at William Angliss Institute

A degree from William Angliss Institute can be life changing.

A degree from William Angliss Institute can be life changing.

A degree at William Angliss Institute can take you anywhere, thanks to the blend of practical skills and theoretical learning you get during your studies.

Sarah Donnellan is a student of our Bachelor of Culinary Management program, which is a specialised degree in culture and cuisine, wine design, culinary artistry and gastronomy, contemporary food issues, with a management stream to boot.

Sarah currently works in cellar door sales at Innocent Bystander Vignerons and Winemakers in Healesville. She describes her workplace as being a food and wine leader in the Yarra Valley, exposing her to the wonderful world of wine as well as furthering her knowledge post-study. So how can you follow Sarah's example and secure the job of a lifetime? All it takes is choosing the right course, applying yourself and soaking up as much as you can about the industry.

Sarah had always known William Angliss Institute was a leader in the areas of hospitality, tourism and events, and made her way to the learning provider following a course of study at another institution. She says this previous course of study didn't provide enough practical experience required to be job- and industry-ready, which made her think the Institute – with its hands-on approach to learning – was a better choice. She was right. 

There were myriad opportunities available to take learning off-campus, and Sarah made the most of the excursions on offer. She visited ethical black pig breeders during her study as part of the Gastronomic Issues and Perspectives component of the degree, which allowed her to learn more about free-range practices. A visit to Attica was another highlight, where students were given a tour of the premises and an insight into sustainable food practices.

Sarah believes the industry exposure and contacts established during her time at the Institute have been invaluable in helping her to forge a successful career. She also highlights the teaching staff as being instrumental during the degree, saying they're not only passionate but also credible thanks to their industry backgrounds. In fact, Sarah believes the quality of teaching has led the Institute to become highly reputable within the industry. Typically when she tells people about her degree and what her study entailed, the response is overwhelmingly positive and even envious at times. The idea of studying food and wine full-time tends to have that effect!

For anyone considering completing a degree at William Angliss Institute, Sarah believes it's essential to blend practical skills with technical education in order to move into a management role. She says the Bachelor of Culinary Management is ideal for this, thanks to its inclusion of subjects such as procurement management and human resource management.