Tips to improve your company's customer service

Find out how to improve customer service in your business.

Find out how to improve customer service in your business.

Positive customer service experiences are vital in ensuring repeat business, whether you're in a hospitality industry or something else entirely. 

A customer's negative review can lead to poor word-of-mouth, which can damage your reputation and result in a loss of business. Hospitality training at the William Angliss Institute can help you to navigate these issues, and you can find out how to enhance your customer service operations with these tips.

Improve telephone and email communication

Technology has changed the way customers interact with a business, especially when it comes to making inquiries and reservations. An email or phone call is often the first point of contact a customer has with a business, so it's vital that you make the right impression.

Implement a "three ring" policy, where staff members know to answer the telephone within the first three rings. An immediate response can help secure their business – and the same goes with emails. Respond on the same day the inquiry or request comes through.

If you are unable to accommodate a customer's request, whether it's for a last minute dinner or a larger-than-usual group booking, make sure this message is delivered with an apology and an offer to do the next best thing. For example, if a couple wants a booking at your restaurant's best table on your busiest night, apologise and offer them that table on a quieter night.

Take complaints seriously

Customer complaints can be tricky to respond to, but it's good practice to address and attempt to solve each and every one that comes in. Customers are more likely to return to a company that has acknowledged an issue and made attempts to remedy, as they will feel more valued than if their complaints were ignored.

Try the CARP method of responding to unhappy customers: Control the situation, Acknowledge the dilemma, Refocus the conversation and Problem solve to ensure all customers leave your business satisfied.

For more training check out a course such as the Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management or try certificates or diplomas in the area.