When a little bit of study leads a lot of opportunity

With a little bit of study and hard work, you can find yourself heading overseas to do the job of your dreams.

With a little bit of study and hard work, you can find yourself heading overseas to do the job of your dreams.

Brooke Menhennet started her career with a William Angliss Institute Certificate IV In Patisserie, and now she's following her dreams by working in a five-star resort in the United States of America. How? All it took was a little bit of study, some hard work and William Angliss Institute magic. 

It all started with Brooke's interest in the hospitality industry, specifically cooking. She initially selected the Institute as her education provider after hearing about it through family and friends, and was attracted to the facility's large kitchens and specialised equipment,  with which students are given a realistic learning environment as close to the industry as possible. After completing her patisserie certificate from February 2013 through to June 2014, Brooke felt compelled to add a further six months to her study and undertook the Diploma of Hospitality in order to enhance her skills. 

So what's next? After completing her Diploma of Hospitality in December 2014, Brooke is preparing to step out into the big wide world that is America. In mid to late 2015 she will be taking up a 12-month J1 working visa,  designed to allow individuals to participate in work- and study-based visitor exchange programs. A 2015 program gives her the opportunity to work at the Broadmoor, which is a five-star resort in Colorado Springs that has about every accreditation you could ask for (including five diamond and AAA ratings). Brooke is a pastry chef and has received her first choice to be working as one during her six month stay at the resort, which is so large it boasts multiple kitchens. After this time she will have the option of extending to work a full 12 months at The Broadmoor or seeking employment elsewhere in America. 

This fits perfectly with Brooke's goal of travelling the world and living as a local, not a tourist, in new destinations. With aims to learn about new cultures and lifestyles, Brooke's hospitality training will no doubt help her to achieve this. Following her American experience, she wants to head to Canada for two years before heading home the long way, travelling through Europe, Asia and possibly Africa before returning to Australia.

During her studies at William Angliss Institute, Brooke was particularly impressed with the special diets class. She found the blend of detailed theory classes and hands-on practical classes particularly interesting, allowing her to think more about the structure of food and meals and what could be replaced in order to accommodate dietary requests. With her passion for travel, it's no surprise that Brooke is curious about different cultural and religious food requirements.

Throughout the Diploma of Hospitality, Brooke found the class on researching and complying with regulatory requirements to be the most beneficial, as each week focused on a new legal topic with a clear link to the hospitality industry.

For anyone considering studying at the Institute, Brooke recommends just going for it. In her own words, "experiences and knowledge last longer than any amount of money." So what's stopping you? Start your hospitality training today.