Yunyi Xu: An international student's experience at William Angliss Institute

International students choose Australia as a study destination for several different reasons, but with so many different learning institutions at their fingertips, what draws them to William Angliss Institute? According to Chinese student Yunyi Xu, who also goes by the name of Cherry, it was the Institute's reputation that drew her in.

Cherry didn't start off at the Institute, instead spending one semester at another education provider embarking on a commerce course. After deeming that unsuitable for her, she enrolled in William Angliss Institute to study hospitality and tourism management.

She was attracted to Australia due to English being her favourite language, and cites the cultural diversity in our country as another big selling point. With a relative already living in Melbourne, Cherry decided it would be an easy transition to adapt to the new environment. She heard from friends that William Angliss Institute was a leader in the hospitality field, and after conducting her own research was interested in the focus on both theoretical and practical development at the school.

Cherry points out many differences between living in Australian and China, with Australia's wide cultural diversity meaning she has classmates from all over the world. Her English skills have come along in leaps and bounds, and says this is a huge advantage when working in the global hospitality and tourism industry. She's enjoyed the group work and presentation side of the Australian course, and says that in China the format was much more about the teacher talking to students and the students simply listening and taking notes. In Australia, students can share their opinions and contribute to the discussion, enabling them to work together and organise ideas as part of a group.

At first, the international student was scared to speak English in front of the class, but she has since made plenty of both local and international friends to boost her confidence and improve her communication and English skills. She's known to enjoy a drink or two with these friends after class, making her study life more interesting. She says the students at the Institute are friendly and kind, and as an international student she feels welcomed.

Cherry initially studied an Advanced Diploma of Hospitality at the Institute, then continued with a Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management. She advanced her study in this way as she wanted to receive a higher degree, and found the year-long work placement in the bachelor's course particularly appealing. She hopes through this she can develop her hospitality and tourism career and gain practical experience in the field before she even graduates. The student says she was lucky enough to get an offer from Extragreen Holidays for her year placement, enabling her to launch her career in Australia. She says this period has taught her a huge amount about the industry, giving her vital knowledge and skills.

After completing the course, Cherry hopes to pursue her passion for tourism and secure a job in the industry. She hopes her higher education qualifications can land her an operations role.