Have a passion for tourism, events and hospitality? Cover it all with a triple diploma

For some people, studying just one topic isn't enough. For those with lofty ambitions and a desire to become highly employable, or anyone excited about the prospect of working across several industries where job roles often intertwine, we have a solution. Our newly launched course, the Diplomas in Travel and Tourism, Events and Hospitality gives you the chance to become an expert in tourism and travel, events and hospitality – giving you triple the career opportunities and triple the fun.

Brace yourself for industry growth

New South Wales has long been a popular tourist destination, and the most recent figures released by the Bureau of Statistics show the state has recently had its highest number of visitor arrivals in eight years, exceeding the national average growth by almost 7 per cent1. With such a strong tourism industry, career opportunities will likely improve and increase as the market expands further. Job opportunities that require multiple skills will increasingly arise – for example, events managers working for major hotel groups and cruise lines will be in high demand, and those with extensive food and beverage management knowledge will be sought after to work on-large scale events and projects. Many businesses are now expecting their staff to have knowledge across most areas of operations, so the ability to slot into different roles and try new things will be highly valued by potential employers as this industry growth continues.

The opportunities don't end with travel and tourism. This growth has a knock on effect across several sectors. The events industry is also booming, so much so that the 2014-15 budget invested $58 million in securing major events in the region2, along with continuing to develop the International Convention Centre (ICC) Sydney for the cost of around $1 billion. The venue itself and the 616 room hotel which will be attached to the centre will be Australia's biggest fully-integrated exhibition, entertainment and convention facility, set to create ongoing employment for 4,000 and bring in $5 billion to NSW3. With such a solid event future in sight, studying event management courses makes for a smart career choice, particularly when combined in a triple diploma.

Hospitality training will also put you in good stead for a future career, particularly when combined with the above areas of study. Food and wine were declared to be very appealing for travellers heading to NSW in the 'Final report of the visitor taskforce economy'4, which also suggests this industry has yet to reach its full potential. The subjects you will study will capitalise on the expected spend of tourists and locals on food and wine in the area.

Infrastructure projects support growth

Sydney is constantly growing and developing, and the current construction of several  other major projects highlights the potential for future leaders in the tourism, hospitality and events sectors. This growth includes the redevelopment of Barangaroo which will encompass a casino, hotel and food precinct along the harbour foreshore and the approval of a second airport at Badgery's Creek, not to mention the $1 billion re-development of Parramatta.

Study options to get you started

While we offer all three separate qualifications in Melbourne, our Sydney campus has woven the three together so that the course can be completed in one year. This is a perfect fit for students who have local or global industry dreams and goals, with skills that sit comfortably within many different markets. Follow your dreams of working on a cruise liner, major hotel chain, airline or tour company and hit the ground running.

Subjects included in the program include event planning and management, wine tourism, food and beverage management, and airfare coordination. Our practical environment encourages hands-on learning, and the ability to build skills in separate but complementary areas allows for a diverse and multi-disciplined result. Graduates are multi-skilled with clear industry pathways, along with the unique ability to be able to work across many different areas of a business.

The Institute has worked closely with industry groups to ensure this qualification is perfectly tailored to kickstart a flourishing career, including incorporating the basic skills such as first aid and Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) in the program alongside more in-depth subjects such as managing budgets, rostering staff and leadership skills. This means that when you graduate, your skills will be in line with what all three industries require of budding professionals.

Strong growth continues for NSW tourism

2 Budget 2014-15

World class centre for business and entertainment

4 Final report of the visitor economy taskforce