Holidays are big business in Australia, and you can get a slice of the pie

Holidaymakers love spending their time in Australia.

Holidaymakers love spending their time in Australia.

When you're considering enrolling in tourism courses this year, you may be dreaming of jetting overseas to embark on the international travel career of your dreams. While this is no doubt possible, you may want to look a little closer afield, particularly if you want a slice of the Australian holiday pie.

Australians are increasingly turning to domestic travel during their holidays, choosing to explore their own backyards as opposed to spending valuable time and money heading overseas. In fact, domestic travel by Australians has soared to see a whopping 79.7 million overnight trips embarked upon, bringing in $53.7 billion in overnight spend. This is according to figures from Tourism Research Australia, based on the year leading up to September 2014. 

The research shows growth in domestic overnight trips has been pushed by people visiting friends and relatives, which has increased by three per cent since 2009. As for what people are doing on their domestic holidays? According to Tourism Research Australia, they are participating in local activities such as visiting pubs and clubs, browsing local markets, and hitting up festivals and cultural events. After all, there's nothing quite like living like a local to help make you feel at home in your holiday destination.

This suggests the nation's population is becoming increasingly inclined to spend their hard-earned dollars on Australian soil, thought that's not to say international trips are declining. A Tourism Update by Tourism Research Australia shows visitor trips and expenditure increased both domestically and internationally in the year leading up to September 2014, with growth in Australia's total visitor expenditure driven by international market increases.

The same paper shows the Australian tourism industry employed 534,000 people during 2013-14, suggesting the market is indeed alive and well in the lucky country. With so many positions up for grabs, the potential for a new career is seemingly limitless. The accommodation and hospitality industry has benefited from the strong travel market, suggesting hospitality management could be a smart career choice in the future. Tour guides and experience providers are always in demand, particularly by overseas tourists and those visiting destinations for the first time, and travel agents and organisers can help to arrange holidays and tailor itineraries to suit customers.