International passenger traffic growing for Melbourne Airport

International traveller numbers rose in Melbourne Airport.

International traveller numbers rose in Melbourne Airport.

International visitors play a key role in the Australian tourism industry, and their continued spending in the local community also supports the nation's economy. Those studying tourism courses will be interested to hear that Melbourne Airport recorded strong international passenger traffic during April, with 14 per cent growth overall.

A total of 651,320 international travellers passed through Melbourne Airport's halls in April this year, while domestic travellers measured 1,939,008. That brings the total number of passengers for April to 2,590,328, an increase of 5.6 per cent compared to April 2013. 

During the same month last year, total passenger traffic came in at 2,451,847 passengers. During April last year, domestic travellers made up 1,879,410 of the overall numbers and international travellers came in at 572,437.

Of the travellers flying in from North Asia, 53.3 per cent were from Hong Kong and 28.2 per cent from Taiwan. Following this, the next most frequent country of origin was Japan (25.3 per cent), South Korea (10.6 per cent) and China (8.6 per cent).

From South East Asia, 28.2 per cent of travellers hailed from Singapore and 24.1 per cent from Malaysia. The Philippines (19.2 per cent), India (11.1 per cent) and Indonesia (11 per cent) were also represented.

Passengers travelling from Europe came from Spain (34.3 per cent), Germany (17.5 per cent), Ireland (13.2 per cent), Italy (12.9 per cent) and the United Kingdom (12.2 per cent). 

"Easter is always one of our busiest periods and international growth in April was boosted by Easter and the school holidays falling in April rather than March, as they did last year," said Melbourne Airport Chief Executive Officer Chris Woodruff.

"Although Asia is still driving our international growth, pleasingly, we're also seeing solid growth from across all regions. It was also a strong month for Australian passport holders."