Making your hotel more eco-friendly

Find out how to make your hotel more eco friendly to help look after the earth.

Find out how to make your hotel more eco friendly to help look after the earth.

The eco-travel movement is taking off around the world, and hotels are not exempt from the green treatment. As more travellers become concerned with their carbon footprint as they tour around the world, it makes sense that accommodation providers are increasingly modifying their buildings to include eco-friendly technology and designs. So, how do you join in?

Start small

Little touches are usually inexpensive to implement but can make a world of difference over time. Start by looking at your lighting. Switch out bulbs for eco-friendly fluorescent or LED options, and install sensors and timers to help turn off lights when they're not in use. 

Look at how you're using water, too. While most guests love a powerful shower setting, see if you can switch to a low-flow, eco-friendly showerhead to reduce the amount of water going down the drain at your establishment.. Similarly, consider installing toilet-tank fill diverters in your bathrooms to save on both water and energy.


Recycling is commonplace for many businesses these days, but it might be time to step it up in your hotel. Make sure every guest room has recycle baskets for the different materials they may use on a daily basis, such as newspaper, cans, glass and plastic. Make sure these same bins exists in public areas like lobbies, too. If you make the effort to provide receptacles for different recyclable goods, your guests are highly likely to use them.

Think about heating

Heating and cooling such a large space can be the bane of many hotel operators' business lives, and it can be difficult to remove air conditioners and heaters from your establishment all together.

Instead, look for eco-friendly options such as heat pumps and ceiling fans to replace energy-draining devices, and consider how double glazing and insulation can naturally help you in the long run.